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A workshop for development of a lifelong learning programmes

On Saturday, December 5, 2020, within the EduAgri project, a workshop entitled: "Development of new lifelong learning (LLL) programs in agriculture" was held at Križevci College of Agriculture.
The aim of this workshop is to connect and exchange experiences of project team members with renowned and established experts in the economy, who with their experience and advice could help make decisions about the needs of specific and modern lifelong learning programs in agriculture. At the beginning of the workshop, all participants were greeted by the Dean
of Križevci College of Agriculture, Marijana Ivanek-Martinčić, Ph.D. and greetings were virtually extended to partners from Szent Istvan University Kaposvár.
Professional coortinator of the project, Silvije Jerčinović, Ph.D. introduced to the participants the goals and activities of the EduAgri project. The following presentations were held as part of the workshop: Vladimir Milos., M.Sc. in the field of business management and horticulture, is employed as an external business development consultant in the company Meja Šentjur d.d. ŠentjurRad, and is also involved in other international projects with a focus on innovative solutions in the circular economy and agribusiness. Own assessment of competencies of agricultural producers and the necessary competencies and skills of workers working in the field of storage and processing of cereals were presented by Karmen Jukić, B.Sc. ing., head of Mlinarstvo Križevci within the company Belje plus d.o.o.
All my life challenges: From head of production of medicinal herbs in the company Jan Spider to consultant and owner of a private consulting company – Marko Kovač, expert. spec. ing. agr, employed in his own company ABC- CONSULTING, Virovitica.
Why and how did my family farm for flower production implement Global G.A.P.? – Ivica Težak, bacc. ing. agr., employed as a technologist – consultant at PG Težak Mladen, Cargovec (Vidovec). All the difficulties I encounter in controlling Fragaria's subcontractors under Global G.A.P and the ways to avoid them? – Ante Šimundić Mrgan, expert. spec. ing. agr., employed as a production manager of a strawberry plantation in the company Fragaria d.o.o, Zagreb. After very interesting and realistic presentations, a stimulating discussion was held with all participants from Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia, and conclusions were drawn on the continuation of work with the purpose of designing the most necessary lifelong learning programs for farmers.

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