On Thursday, February 11, 2021, a workshop with external experts and representatives of the economy regarding the development of new study programs in the field of food supply chains was held at Križevci College of Agriculture. 

The College is currently in the process of developing new study programmes at the undergraduate and graduate levels, which should respond to challenging labor market conditions and those of its sectors that are directly involved in the creation and implementation of economic activities in food supply chains.

The development of new study programmes is carried out within the EDUAGRI project, which is implemented jointly with the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Kaposvar campus within the cross-border cooperation program Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020.After the introductory address of Silvi Jerčinović, PhD, expert coordinator of the project, the expert project manager at the Hungarian University, Arnold Csonka Ph.D., addressed the audience through the Microsoft Teams platform. Dean of the Križevci College of Agriculture, Ph.D. Marijana Ivanek-Martinčić presented the concept of the new study program, after which the workshop participants – representatives of companies in the agri-food sector discussed their real needs for competencies, knowledge and skills of their future employees, which the College could provide through implementation of new study programs.


The purpose of developing new study programs is to enable the education of students and the development of all necessary competencies, i.e. occupational profiles needed for efficient functioning and management of food supply chains “from the field to the table”, regardless of stakeholders involved in the food supply chain.In addition, the aim of developing study programs is to develop the necessary general and specific competencies of students for the management and supervision of agri-food production, processing and distribution chains.The workshop was attended by representatives of Podravka, namely the director of the agricultural sector Dalibor Kezele, Ranko Tušek from the procurement sector, Goran Kovačić from the agricultural sector, and Krešimir Votuc from the logistics sector. The company Metro was presented by the coordinator of procurement and logistics for fruits and vegetables Hrvoje Gregurić, and on behalf of the Association of Croatian Vegetable Growers / Agricultural Cooperative Plodovi Moslavine the workshop was attended by the president of the community Vjekoslav Budanec. Ivan Gatarić from the Association of Persons with Disabilities Križevci participated in the workshop, and the Križevci chocolate factory Hedona was presented by the director Alemka Lončar. Representatives of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, senior expert advisor and business secretary of the Association of Agriculture Dražen Miloloža and senior expert associate and secretary of the association of food processing industry Valentina Šimić also contributed to the workshop. The company Sana delikatese was presented by the owner and director Silvija Repić, and the company Granolino d.d. / mill Farina by executive director Jurica Mlinarić. A valuable contribution to the work of the workshop was given by the representative of HAPIH, advisor to the director for strategic planning, development projects and EU funds Lidija Maurović Košćak.

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